Impressionistic Landscapes of the Mind. Taylor Train on hot press paper. Taylor Train talks paper. The Good Pile. Final selections for a showing 2017. Taylor Train Rainbow Gallery Oct 2016. Taylor Train, artist at The Rainbow Gallery in Toronto, October/ November 2016.

Artist Statement

Watercolor is my chosen medium. I love it for its spontaneity and freshness. Perhaps ironically, watercolour demands you work with some speed while what I want to convey is the enormity of time as experienced through clouds and the rural landscape. In solitude, in nature, I feel both the solace of beauty and a humbling loneliness that is part of the human experience. I’m drawn to the Ontario landscapes of my childhood: the Barrier Islands of Georgian Bay, ​the river valleys of ​Simcoe County, the ​ headwaters country ​and the roof of Ontario.​  These places have provided me with my preferred palette of cool blues​ and grays, the browns of earth​ and dark greens of forested hills. If you are anything like me ​you have a paradoxical craving for stability and newness; for companionship and solitude.  My work is an attempt to satisfy those cravings. I find the familiar and the ever new in the sky above me. I invite the viewers of my work to share with me the pleasure​ of roiling cumulus, l